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Magic Rivals of Ixalan Pre-Release

Saturday 13th January and Sunday 14th January 2017

Join us for the Magic Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease and with our midnight pre-release you can not only experience
the newest Magic set a week before it goes on sale but you can experience it the minute it is available to play!

At the Prerelease, you'll get a special Prerelease pack. It contains:

4 Rivals of Ixalan booster packs
2 Ixalan booster packs
1 Randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card
1 Spindown Life Counter

Please be aware that demand for these events is incredibly high and we HIGHLY recommend
that people purchase a ticket in advance to ensure your place!

Event Timings and prebooking prices

Midnight Sealed £22
10:00 Sealed (capped at 3 rounds) £22
15:00 Sealed (capped at 3 rounds) £22
19:00 Intro Dueling £12
19:00 Sealed (capped at 3 rounds) £22

10:30 Sealed (capped at 5 rounds) £22
16:00 Intro Dueling £12
18:00 Sealed 2HG (6 packs per player, not the usual 4!)
(capped at 3 rounds)

Special Deals
'Day of Judgment' All 3 Saturday daytime Sealed events (10:00, 15:00, 19:00) £60
'Holy Day' Both Sunday events (10:30, 18:00) £40
'Holy Strength' Entry into any 5 sealed events! £95
'Unholy Strength' Entry into All 6 events! £110

Please note that sealed events will be £25 per player for those that haven't prebooked tickets the day before the event.
Ticket prices on the website will be updated at 00:01 on the day of each event to reflect this.

Tournament Length

Swiss rounds - 50 minutes per round

Doors Open

Doors will remain open from the FNM straight through to the start of the morning session on Saturday. Doors open 10am on Sunday.


There will be approximately two boosters per player into the prize pool for every event except intro dueling.
One of them will awarded as a participation booster to any player that plays more than one round.
Non-participation prizes will be awarded at the end of each tournament.

The top player/team in the swiss rankings for each Sealed session will receive a special trophy.

Food and Drink

Soft drinks and confectionary will all be available throughout the day.


All events will be held in the Dark Sphere Game Centre

Dark Sphere
Arch 186
Hercules Road

Book a Ticket

This event is likely to be very popular and we will be pre-selling electronic tickets for the various sessions. These tickets do not need to be collected.
If you have not played at Dark Sphere before then please email your DCI number to magic@darksphere.co.uk. If you do not have a DCI number you can obtain one easily and for free from https://accounts.wizards.com/

Midnight Sealed Buy Ticket
10:00 Sealed Buy Ticket
15:00 Sealed Buy Ticket
19:00 Intro Dueling no need to book
19:00 Sealed Buy Ticket

10:30 Sealed Buy Ticket
16:00 Intro Dueling no need to book
18:00 Sealed 2HG Buy Ticket

Special Deals
'Day of Judgment' All 3 Saturday daytime Sealed events (10:00, 15:00, 19:00) Buy Ticket
'Holy Day' Both Sunday events (10:30, 18:00) Buy Ticket
'Holy Strength' Entry into any 5 sealed events! Buy Ticket
'Unholy Strength' Entry into All 6 events! Buy Ticket

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